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Business users

Businesses are placing tremendous emphasis on mobile voice and broadband coverage.

Desktop phones, even VoIP based ones, have been becoming obsolete for supporting communication needs of today’s business landscape. Many will agree that if there are two phone numbers available for someone in your Contacts list, the one we are likely to call first is a mobile number.  Not only have our jobs become more mobile, but the idea of leaving voice message has become less appealing over the past few years. The need by demand of today’s subscribers to connect seamlessly over multiple devices concurrently at any given time promotes Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies which make environment without strong wireless connectivity almost unimaginable in today’s office environment. Many businesses, however, still seem to miss the importance of wireless networks coverage in the office, both cellular and Wi-Fi.

Poor cellular connection quality problems may be as obvious as having to stand by the window to make phone calls, but may be masked by an apparently acceptable device’s signal strength bar indicator. Wi-Fi devices can also show full bars connection, but in reality suffer from poor speeds due to outside interference, poorly designed or outdated networks or combination of both.

Linkwave has technical knowledge and expertise, excellent working relationships and solid reputation with cellular and public agencies service providers to be your link to reliable wireless solutions. We certainly hope that you will not just take our word that “we can” – we invite you to call us to ask us any questions you may have about your next wireless project or industry in general. We love talking to our customers as through these discussions we learn about what matters to you and how we can position ourselves to serve you better.

Residential users

We know how frustrating it is to miss calls, have to stand by the window or even go outside to be able to use your cellular device. While there are plenty of those who claim to have the next best thing to solve your residential cellular coverage connectivity, we are the only ones who have the only cellular booster solution authorized by national wireless operators.


While wireless boosters being widely available through many retail sources create an impression that it could be used just like another house “appliance”, it is far from true. For those who don’t have time to dig into technical details now, we can quickly summarize that Industry Canada requires that all installations of devices intended to interact with wireless networks of cellular service providers have to be approved by wireless service providers. Unlike Wi-Fi networks, frequencies on which cellular service provider operate are licensed, which means Bell, Rogers, Freedom and Telus pay significant license fees to have the right to use air waves exclusively for their services. As unauthorized devices pose significant risk to cause interference on the network, Industry Canada protects licensees’ privileges by this regulation. Service providers have the right to demand to shut down any unauthorized device operating on their licensed frequencies.


To help protect the investment that you have made in improving cellular coverage inside your home, we offer the only cellular booster solution authorized by national operators. Not only is the solution we offer intelligent and sophisticated enough to be approved by national cellular operators, but it will also be installed and configured to provide you with the optimal quality of service. We also promise that it won’t break the bank – the product is highly affordable and it usually takes less than an hour to install without the mess other boosters come with - no cables to install, no holes to drill in your walls and no antennas to mount on your roof.


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