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Business and residential lessors are placing tremendous emphasis on mobile voice and broadband coverage inside their venues to enhance the Lessor, Tenant and Visitor experience, and it has become a prime objective for building owners and management companies that have the responsibility for leasing activity. In the past, cellular networks were often installed to provide coverage only in lobbies and communal spaces and coverage in the upper floors of high-rise buildings was not a design priority. Today’s lessees have multiple choices in commercial office space and robust mobile broadband coverage is an increasingly important criterion for space selection.

The need by demand of today’s subscribers to connect seamlessly over multiple devices concurrently at any given time promotes Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies which motivate building owners and managers to provide wireless service within their buildings to help differentiate their offering from other buildings.

While, traditionally, interest to Distributed Antennas Network is driven by motivation to enhance only cellular coverage, one important, potentially money and time saving point missed by venue owners is that other wireless problems inside the venue can be all solved at the same time: cellular networks, private or public safety two-way radio systems; High Density Wi-Fi Networks – they all operate on the same principles of Distributed Networks. It will often make technical and financial sense to have your wireless distributed antenna networks’ needs addressed all at once, developed and maintained by one company.

Linkwave has technical knowledge and expertise, excellent working relationships and solid reputation with cellular and public agencies service providers to be your link to reliable wireless solutions.

We certainly hope that you will not just take our word that “we can” – we invite you to call us to ask us any questions may have about your next wireless project or industry in general. We love talking to our customers as through these discussions we learn about what matters to you and how we can position ourselves to serve you better.


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