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Not so long ago, wireless operators classified in-building projects as “special projects”. Today DAS (Distributed Antenna System) has become a buzz word of the telecom wireless industry.

Companies specializing in areas different than DAS – electrical installers, Wi-Fi network experts, radio dealers and service providers often have the opportunity or are presented with a task to add DAS design and deployment to their scope of Electrical and Communications project.

Furthermore, while, traditionally, interest to Distributed Antennas Network is driven by motivation to enhance only cellular coverage, one important, potentially money and time saving point missed is that other wireless problems inside the venue can be all solved at the same time: private or public safety two-way radio systems; High Density Wi-Fi Networks – they all operate on the same principles of Distributed Networks. It will often make technical and financial sense to have wireless distributed antenna networks’ needs addressed all at once, developed and maintained by one company.

Linkwave Wireless is uniquely positioned to help companies not specializing in radio systems design and maintenance to take advantage of the booming DAS industry. We would like to be your missing Radio Systems Engineering Department for the duration of your project. Call us to find out how we can work together on your next DAS project. We will share with you successes of many projects where significant synergies have been realized from us partnering with companies like yours.


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