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DAS Network Deployment

From a project’s inception to its completion, we continuously search for smarter, more cost-effective ways to solve problems faster, communicate better, and deploy your network infrastructure more successfully.

We are one of the industry-leading DAS solution provider, consistently providing exceptional service and results.

Challenges of DAS Deployment

Distributed antenna system installation can be a complex and challenging process for your business. Several potential obstacles may arise.

Technical Expertise

DAS deployment requires a high level of technical expertise, and you may not have in-house resources to manage the deployment process.

Infrastructure Requirements

It requires significant infrastructure, including cabling, antennas, and amplifiers. You must ensure adequate space and power to support the network infrastructure deployment.

System Design

Tailoring a DAS system to meet the individual needs of any business is key. Critical factors such as the building layout and the necessary wireless services must be considered.

Finding a reliable vendor who understands the complexity involved is essential. You can maximize your enterprise’s wireless coverage with the proper guidance while minimizing costs.

How Linkwave Can Help with Your DAS Deployment Needs

While taking advantage of our “à la carte” services offering in many situations will make financial sense, in some, trusting us with your project from A to Z will be the right decision.

Whether you are a venue owner or considering partnering up with us on a wireless DAS project, you have your own business to run. We always say that DAS is not “rocket science”, but it certainly takes years to learn how to:

Linkwave Wireless can offer you freedom of choice like no other integrator can—the choice of services you need help with.

Say Goodbye to Network Downtimes with Linkwave DAS Deployment

No more worries about unreliable signals or network outages. With Linkwave’s DAS antenna installation, your enterprise will enjoy uninterrupted wireless coverage in any indoor and outdoor space.

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What is Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) Deployment?

A DAS system installation is the perfect solution to tackle areas of poor cellular coverage that may be present within a large building.

With this technique, small antennas are strategically placed all over the building and connected to one central controller directly connecting to base stations from your wireless service provider’s network. A DAS system consists of several components, including:

After working together for many years, we have developed a unique team-oriented environment with our construction partners. From the beginning of each project to its completion, we prioritize searching tirelessly for efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Benefits of DAS Deployment for Enterprise-Level Businesses

By establishing a Distributed Antenna System, the power levels can be reduced due to an increased likelihood of sight links. This technology benefits high-rise buildings, shopping malls, healthcare facilities, and other enterprises.

Improved Coverage

Having more defined coverage and fewer coverage holes.

Providing Data and Voice Service

Provide both data and voice services in enterprise-level businesses.

Same Coverage While Using Less Power

DAS can provide the same coverage with less power usage.

When it comes to reliable DAS solutions, Linkwave Wireless is a must-have. With years of experience designing and deploying high-performing and scalable DAS systems, you can be sure your business will run smoothly!

Comprehensive and Cost-Effective DAS Deployment Services

Linkwave offers a range of DAS deployment services, including systems engineering and quality construction, provided by carefully selected partners approved by national wireless carriers.

Our partners have solid experience and a good reputation. We only work with the latest approved test equipment and trained and certified staff and are up-to-date with current wireless industry issues and challenges.

By working together in a one-team-like environment, Linkwave, together with our partners, strive to find more efficient and cost-effective ways to communicate better, solve problems faster, and successfully deploy network infrastructure to meet businesses’ in-building wireless connectivity goals.

Experience a More Defined but Power-Saving Wireless Network

Don’t take out word for it! Call us to let us show you how working with us will make your next wireless project successful, innovative and cost-effective.

In-building Network Installation Process

We provide comprehensive in-building network installation services tailored to your needs.

From benchmarking and survey to optimization and closeout, our comprehensive in-building network installation services are tailored to your needs and provide an end-to-end solution to achieve optimal performance for your DAS deployment.

Benchmarking and Survey

An RF scanner, such as iBFlex or DRT, can be a great starting point for uncovering the radio frequency coverage at any venue. This will give you an excellent benchmark to evaluate the performance of your DAS deployment and manage incoming signals from macro cell sites in that area.


To complete an ideal DAS design, gathering RF survey data and adjusting the prediction models is necessary. Such a task can be easily achieved with iBWave or RAN plan - two of the best in-building RF design tools available today.


Following the assembly of design details, BOMs and resources, an all-inclusive worksheet that outlines specifications is sent to the site's project manager. This individual collaborates with construction and deployment crew members to implement the desired DAS distribution.


After thoroughly studying the data and adapting both network settings and parameters, a series of walk tests can be conducted. Once all targets have been achieved, an official closeout package is created to include covered plots and measurements before it’s passed on to the Project Manager.

Why Choose Linkwave for Your DAS Deployment Needs?

With Linkwave Wireless, you can select exactly which services you need assistance with—a range of choices that no other integrator can match. Enjoy freedom and flexibility like never before!

We are committed to meeting deadlines and budget expectations

As one of the best-distributed antenna system vendors, you can trust that we will exceed your expectations regarding DAS deployment.

We have solid experience, A reputation, and an impeccable record

We have worked with many satisfied clients, proving our commitment to excellence.

We have the right tools and qualifications

Our highly qualified engineers, technicians, and administrators possess the appropriate resources to ensure that all projects are accomplished efficiently.

Choose the level of support you need for your DAS deployment with Linkwave, one of the best vendors in the market, and experience exceptional service, all while enjoying the freedom and flexibility to tailor services to your specific needs.

Get the Most Reliable and Efficient In-building Wireless Network Infrastructure with Linkwave

With us on board, you can rest assured that your network infrastructure will be deployed correctly without delays. Contact us today and experience a more defined but power-saving wireless network. We are your link to reliable wireless solutions.

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