Traditionally, wireless service integrators have construction teams on staff. But is this really the most practical and cost-efficient approach? Competition and division of labour have always been main drivers for finding better, more cost effective and smarter ways to solve problems. We create full service wireless integrator by coupling our expertise in systems engineering with top notch quality construction experts. Our construction partners are carefully selected from the pool of approved by national wireless carriers firms. Dedication and commitment to meet deadlines and budget expectations, solid experience and reputation, impeccable record – are the core criteria we use to select our construction partners. Working with national carriers regularly helps our partners to stay on top of the most current issues and challenges of the wireless world; our partners work with the most sophisticated, approved by national carriers test equipment; their staff is trained and certified to meeting  stringent requirements of national wireless carriers.

Years of working together with our construction partners created a true one-team like environment. From a project’s inception to its completion, together we’ll never stop searching for smarter, more cost-effective ways to solve problems faster, communicate better, and deploy your network infrastructure more successfully.