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Evolution of wireless communications inevitably leads to change of the landscape of and relationships within the entire wireless industry. While in the past it was not uncommon for wireless operators to provide [in-building] wireless solutions as part of service offering, today everything has changed. Not only operators do not have resources to provide indoor coverage solution for all venues that need it, but with shift away from long term contracts it simply no longer makes financial sense for operators to invest in a single operator in-building solution. It is a new reality that end users - be it commercial real estate, hotel, small business office or place of residence - become responsible for providing indoor cellular solution just like they do for other life essential utilities.

Internet search for "indoor coverage enhancement", "DAS" or "Wireless Solution" will return hundreds of pages majority of which are paid commercial ads for various wireless products or technical solutions. How do you find not only what you need, but what is right for you? Something that not only will be right investment of your dollars for years to come, but is legal, priced right and just what you need?
Most of our competition has dedicated relationship with a particular equipment vendor. At Linkwave we are technology agnostic. From day one our company was built with a goal to become the leader in providing services rather than choosing solution with high profit margins.

We hope that information on these pages will help you become educated about your choices. If you have any questions or would like to meet with us to discuss your project, we are just a phone call away. We will spend as much time as you need to help you understand your options and help you choose the right solution.


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