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The technology demands of hotel guests have evolved rapidly in the past few years. Just a few years ago, low bandwidth Wi-Fi service to support laptop connections was considered adequate to meet the needs of mostly business travelers. Today both business and personal leisure travelers expect a seamless wireless experience – no dropped mobile calls and high bandwidth wireless connectivity – from the moment they leave the taxi, through the hotel lobby, up the elevator and into their room. These expectations exist because people experience changes in cellular and other wireless networks people experience wherever they go. Wireless experience has become as important feature affecting traveler's hotel choice decision as hotel amenities and comfort of hotel bed. Along with traditional “hotel features” travelers’ reviews websites, there are new sites rating hotels by wireless experience.


A number of hotels are pilot testing wireless check-in feature which are expected to be widely deployed in a near future. Hotels often turn over hundreds and larger ones thousands of rooms a day. Eliminating check-in lines will certainly help hotel business and increase satisfaction of the traveler.


Requirements to wireless networks in common and conference rooms areas are even higher than in a hotel room. Many hotels have wireless networks built with outdated network design approach, running on outdated hardware. Such networks simply do not meet the needs of hundreds of users, many with more than one wireless device, simultaneously demanding high speed access. Linkwave Wireless Solutions, a leader in providing Outdoor and Indoor Wireless Distributed Networks, has knowledge and experience to design and maintain networks to enable advanced mobile and cellular connectivity throughout the venue. Linkwave Wireless works with the wireless service providers (WSPs) like Bell, Rogers and Freedom Mobile to ensure that their 3G and 4G LTE broadband wireless services can be enabled in the shortest time-frame on the distributed networks. Our close relationships with WSPs may even help find a way to reduce or eliminate cost to the venue.


Whether you are looking for someone to implement your ambitious plans to make sure that you are ready for tomorrow or you need to test how well your existing wireless infrastructure handles tasks of today, give us a call – we are your link to reliable wireless solutions.

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