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Humber River Hospital

Linkwave Wireless designed, project-managed, tested and commissioned DAS in partnership with one of our long term partners. DAS was being installed during general construction phase - every step of a project of this magnitude required meticulous execution as a small error or omission during any stage of the project could lead to schedule being seriously affected. Additional challenges were presented by unexpected delays from one of the wireless carriers which required Linkwave to quickly find a temporary solution.


This was one of the most ambitious multi-carrier designs by any standards. Additionally to regular cellular licensed bands, DAS had to accommodate frequencies of public safety agencies as well as private 900MHz radio. The system was designed with TE Spectrum platform and included more than 300 radiating points. Design had to be approved by all national carriers, public safety authorities and private radio licensee.

Project Management

Constantly changing construction schedule, construction related hazards that could damage DAS infrastructure, unexpected issues affecting schedule of connecting radio equipment of wireless carriers, extra care that had to be taken with public safety portion of the project are just a few issues that required critical decision making, superb flexibility and quick response time. At the end, Linkwave delivered– all systems were ready on schedule, and all wireless operators who executed Neutral Host agreement were successfully connected.


Testing, Commissioning and Optimization

It would be naïve to expect that commissioning process for a system of this size would be an easy process. It takes planning, it takes preparation, it takes patience, it takes knowledge and expertise. During commissioning process our engineers and technicians were in close contact with the users and with carriers ensuring satisfaction of all stakeholders.

Humber River Hospital, Project Management
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