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When it comes to testing of the installed infrastructure, we know what it takes because we know why it is needed.

The advance in wireless technologies has presented wireless professionals with the new challenges. Higher performance and throughput speeds come at a cost of having to design and built networks with significantly higher performance. To ensure that significantly less tolerant threshold levels of network performance affecting parameters like noise and delay are met, testing procedures and methods had to be revised. Not only traditional RF Sweeps had to be revised, but new test methods, like PIM (Passive InterModulation) testing, had to be developed.


We had a privilege to help a leading Canadian Wireless Operator develop a new process for testing today’s wireless cellular networks. The result of our collaboration was a comprehensive method of procedures that has become a national standard. DAS Test Tool which has become part of this standard was developed by our engineers to help automate and better organize testing and evaluation of a thorough testing of DAS networks.


You can remain assured that when it will come to testing of your network, we will leave no stone unturned until we are certain that your investment is protected and when the time comes for your network to perform, it will perform the way you and your customers expect it to perform.


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