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As proud partners of Icomera Canada, Linkwave Wireless worked alongside them on one of the largest projects undertaken by either company. Together, they were responsible for the implementation management and commissioning of the Metrolinx Customer Wi-Fi solution found on its fleet of rails and buses.



Designing a Wi-Fi system on a transport system is quite different from any other wireless system design. Limited space and harsh environment conditions present challenges for mechanical, electrical, and wireless plans. Transit authorities' technical and safety regulations limit deployment options while variation of equipment variants in a large fleet add additional complications requiring scrupulous attention to every detail of all aspects of the design.

Linkwave Wireless worked alongside Icomera, Bombardier and Metrolinx engineers to achieve a successful design on time and on budget. Linkwave’s contribution to the final engineering design document was crucial to the success of the project.

X3 Equipment

Project Management

Linkwave Wireless worked tirelessly to meet project demands and uphold their reputation of being a leader in the telecommunications services sector of the Canadian market.

Linkwave was responsible for managing the implementation and commissioning phases of the project and maintaining a constantly updating installation and commissioning database. All stakeholders - Icomera, Metrolinx and Bombardier - were supported with their project management needs.


We have enhanced the set of software tools provided by our customer for the commissioning to make the process more automated, efficient, and less error prone. Working through pandemic restrictions added multiple levels of additional complications which tested our team’s resilience and commitment to staying focused on our customers’ objectives



Testing, Commissioning and Optimization

Any electronics system deployed on transport is subject to high scrutiny imposed by strict technical and engineering transit authorities’ guidelines.


Additionally, a wireless system that depends on the performance of two networks – cellular and Wi-Fi – better be thoroughly tested as there are limited options to optimize or “re-do” at a later time.
Linkwave’s experience in the testing and commissioning of multiple complex DAS solutions has helped to achieve 100% performance acceptance of the Wi-Fi solution across both rail and bus fleets.

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