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The importance of Network Benchmarking is nothing short of critical for wireless networks. Understanding RF environment is important for proper DAS design, analysis of network performance and customer experience, competitive analysis, troubleshooting.

While some of our competition still does RF surveys using phones in engineering mode, we invested in the right tools to match the right challenges and to help us get the best results, always on time, always with the highest possible accuracy.

And because we always listen for feedback and always look for better ways, we developed unique format to help our customers quickly analyze the data and make right decisions in minutes instead spending hours on browsing hundreds of pages of heat maps.

Executive Summary page will present a per floor colour coded analysis of data on all channels – no guesses, no wasted time – just clear and simple data to help you make the right decisions.

Network Benchmarking 1.png

A truly customized analysis, not limited to options of post-processing software  - we will show you what you want to see, how you want to see it.

Network Benchmarking 2.png

Heat maps done right – before we go to the site, we will confirm with you not just walk routes and the data you need us to collect, but even details of your standard or preferred colour coding scheme.



Network Benchmarking 3.png.jpg

We have the right tools, the right approach, the right results – we are your link to reliable wireless solutions.

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