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Ontario Power Generation Building

The Darlington Energy Complex (DEC) is a key element in the success of Darlington Refurbishment and will also support ongoing operations of the Darlington Nuclear station into the future. Given unfavourable location of the facility in terms of cellular coverage – the building is located more than 2 km away from all Wireless Service Providers (WSP) towers  – OPG was seeking a solution to enhance cellular services inside DEC facility. Linkwave Wireless was selected through a public RFP to design, implement, and commission a Distributed Antenna System. 



A multicarrier CommScope IonB platform was selected for this project. Simple to work with, yet effective and powerful IonB solution provided service for all wireless carriers in  all cellular frequencies on all technologies. Phase II of the design connects new buildings in Darlinton Nuclear plant, to one DAS providing effecient, cost effective, easy to maintain solution

Project Management / Construction Support

In partnership with Black&McDonald, Linkwave supervised installation phase, established test procedure and construction acceptance criteria. We worked closely with all wireless operators to ensure all agreements are in place prior to scheduled date of commissioning.


Commissioning and Optimization

When it comes to commissioning, we understand the magnitude of investment of time and resources already committed to bringing the system to this final stage. We will spend as much time as needed to ensure that our clients' investment in DAS was worthwhile and that it is well protected by a "healthy" operation of DAS. No single antenna will be missed during our walk test, not a single minor discrepancy with our pre-commissioning  calculations will be allowed. We spent as much time optimizing the system as OPG needed until they were completely satisfied.

OPG Bird's Eye View
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