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What truly separates us from our competition is the true equipment agnostic position. Traditionally, wireless integrators choose to partner up with a particular equipment manufacturer; often, to realize enhanced financial benefits from such partnership. Also, integrators and equipment manufacturers have exclusivity distribution agreements.

Commercial DAS Products

Certainly, volume discounts and higher margins resulting from exclusive distribution rights make sense for the integrators, but do they really work for you? Can you trust the advice of an integrator representing only one produce that this is the produce for your project?

Being equipment agnostic frees us from loyalty ties to equipment manufacturer and allows us to concentrate on understanding your needs.

When it comes to choosing the right equipment we look beyond just considering the price and whether or not the equipment will do the job. Our proprietary DAS equipment evaluation tool takes into account construction challenges and cost, suitability for a particular application, timelines and future upgrade requirements.

Vendors we work with have been carefully selected through years of research based on experience, technical expertise and reputation and even financial stability to ensure that their produce will be supported through years to come. Additionally, each product line has a proven record of deployment in Canada.

Residential Products

If you are tired of dropped or missed calls; if you experience slow data sessions on your mobile; if you have to stand by the window for better reception – we can help.

On the DAS-101 page of our site, we provide information about various cellular signal enhancement products. and explain why customers should be careful making a choice. To summarize, most of the boosters sold online or in stores will simply not be approved by wireless carriers. We also explain why it is the law in Canada to either use an approved by wireless carriers products or have the installation follow carriers’ requirements.

We represent the only approved by all national carriers booster that will neither break your bank nor will make you risk to have to deal with wireless carriers or Industry Canada for causing interference on their licensed frequencies.

While in many situations taking advantage of our “à la carte” services offering will make financial sense, in some trusting us with your project from A to Z will be the right decision.

Whether you are a venue owner or whether you are considering partnering up with us on a wireless DAS project, you have your own business to run. We always say that DAS is not “rocket science”, but it certainly takes years to learn how to avoid critical mistakes during all phases of the project, to build reputation with wireless carriers who will have to approve every DAS project, to take advantage from past experiences.

Linkwave Wireless has a unique ability to offer you a freedom of choice like no other integrator can – choice of services you need help with and equipment your project will be best suited to be built with. Don’t take our word for it – call us to let us show you how working with us will make your next wireless project be successful, innovative and cost effective.


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