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Public Safety Communication Services

Maintaining the reliability of emergency communication systems with public safety distributed antenna systems.  

We ensure that emergency responders have clear radio coverage within buildings, meeting all industry standards and regulations for newly constructed and existing structures.  

Protect Your Occupants with Reliable Public Safety DAS Systems

If your building does not have a reliable public safety communication service, emergency responders could be hindered in their ability to communicate while onsite, leaving those within at risk.

A public safety distributed antenna system (DAS) can be installed to provide the most reliable and secure coverage, ensuring that emergency responders have clear radio reception throughout the building.

We provide various solutions to ensure reliable public safety communication services in your building that meet the highest standards, ensuring the security of all individuals and property.

Experts in Public Safety In-building Wireless DAS System

Linkwave Wireless offers a full-service approach to establishing public safety radio systems. We are highly experienced and knowledgeable at designing and delivering the best solutions while engaging all municipal stakeholders throughout the entire project delivery.

Let Linkwave ensure that everything in your building runs smoothly with no disruption, even after the project is complete.

Don't Compromise on Safety

Invest in Our Top-notch Public Safety Communication Services

Our experienced technicians will assess your building’s wireless connection and connectivity abilities while supplying superior solutions to enhance the current infrastructure.

What is Public Safety Distributed Antenna System (DAS)?

A Public Safety distributed antenna system is crucial in emergency response, delivering clear and consistent radio signals to first responders.

In today’s fast-paced world, companies require seamless wireless coverage to stay connected, even in times of crisis. It ensures effective communication between responders and helps to provide faster and more efficient responses in an emergency.

By implementing a reliable DAS system within a building, you can ensure continuous communication during an emergency. Although these systems are often required in municipalities, they are also becoming increasingly necessary for businesses.

The Importance of Public Safety Radio Systems

In an emergency crisis, such as a fire, clear and effective communication is essential to ensure the safety of all involved. That’s why implementing a Public Safety digital DAS is essential.

Reliable Radio Coverage

DAS ensures consistent and clear radio signals for emergency responders, even in the deepest parts of a building.

Efficient Emergency Response

Effective communication between responders leads to faster and more coordinated responses in an emergency.

Improved Safety

A stable communication network reduces the risk of injuries or fatalities during a crisis.

A DAS system provides consistent and uninterrupted radio signals to emergency responders, even in the deepest parts of a building. Implementing a DAS system can reduce the risk of injuries or fatalities during a crisis.

Trusting experts like Linkwave Wireless to design and deliver the best solutions can ensure that your building’s communication network is stable and efficient in emergencies.

How Does Public Safety DAS Work?

Our proven process for delivering top-notch public safety communication systems:

Initial Assessment

We are excited to provide a precise estimate explicitly tailored to the characteristics of your building.

RF and Construction Site Survey

If you agree to proceed, our experts will conduct a comprehensive RF and construction site survey to verify existing signal levels.

Installation and Performance Verification

Once the optimal design is complete, we will install and configure the system.

At Linkwave Wireless, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and commitment to providing the best communication solutions for our clients. Trust us to deliver reliable and effective Public Safety DAS systems for your building.

Let Us Help You Create a Safer Community with our Public Safety Communication System

We are here to ensure that your building is equipped with the most reliable public safety communication system.

Public Safety DAS Requirements

A comprehensive set of requirements for a public safety distributed antenna system (DAS) should include the following elements:

We are committed to meeting and exceeding these requirements to provide our clients with the best Public Safety DAS solutions. Trust us to design and deliver a system that meets all the requirements, ensuring effective and reliable communication during emergencies.

Public Safety Communications System Turnkey Solutions

We offer turnkey solutions for Public Safety DAS systems that provide reliable coverage.

Testing & Engineering

Our team of experts, equipped with advanced testing equipment, can identify and provide solutions to any interference issues.


Our monitoring equipment includes visible alarms placed at the fire control panel location for quick and easy detection of any issues.


Ensuring that your Public Safety DAS is up to code with NFPA standards is essential for the safety of building occupants. We are well-versed in the latest NFPA codes and are ready to provide comprehensive inspection services to ensure that your DAS is fully compliant.

Why Choose Linkwave Public DAS Solutions?

We will provide the best public safety communication system solutions that suit your needs.

24/7 Responsive Support

We offer live support and guarantee your system's seamless and efficient operation.

Highly-Trained and Certified Technicians

All our technicians are highly trained and certified to help you with installation or maintenance needs.

Extensive Industry Experience

Our experience in public safety communication systems spans numerous years, granting us a wealth of expertise.

Trust us to deliver top-quality public safety DAS solutions that ensure clear and effective emergency communication. Contact us today to learn how we can help meet your public safety communication system needs.

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