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TD Centre, Toronto

As one of the largest in-building DAS projects undertaken by Canadian operators, Linkwave Wireless was hired by Bell Mobility to assist with design, project management, DAS testing and commissioning of 4 towers. Strictest requirements, PIM testing of complete DAS, tight deadlines were just some of the challenges these projects presented.



A multicarrier active platform DAS with 11 sectors deployed on Day 1, this system was designed with preparedness for the future in mind; the design had to meet tri-carrier design guidelines. DAS was designed to be expandable to more sectors as demands change PIM "friendliness" - Design facilitates  thorough post-installation testing, including PIM testing. One of the biggest challenges was to meet requirements of the tri-carrier guidelines which were being finalized as the project was already in late Final Design phase. These projects were one of the first major projects to undergo rigorous scrutiny of the tri-carrier guidelines and new test requirements. 

Equipment Rack

Project Management

Careful planning and prioritizing, doing design changes based on feedback from the construction crews and landlord, overseeing overall installation progress and compliance with the design, working with internal Bell and Rogers Wireless teams were some of the tasks Linkwave Wireless was assigned to handle and executed during Construction phase of the project. 




Under contract to Bell Mobility, Linkwave Wireless developed a set of automated tools for new DAS test process. Valuable engineering time for generating custom test reports and evaluating test results from the field has been dramatically reduced  - in order of 10`s of times - thanks to the tool developed by Linkwave for Bell. The tool has  become a national standard for DAS testing within Bell. Linkwave was ultimately responsible for evaluating and approving test restults for all 4 TD towers.


Commissioning and Optimization

Very few  wireless carriers test and commission their internal networks as thoroughly and as professionally as Bell team does. Linkwave Wireless was proud to work alongside Bell engineers, network optimizers and technicians to ensure that Bell`s investment in DAS is well protected through solid network performance. Due diligence and hard work during the course of the project paid off:  Network performance in all 4 towers was accepted during the very first test.

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