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We love doing everything we do, but we are absolutely obsessed with testing. Starting with pre-design network benchmarking testing our field services teams keep working hard until after the project is commissioned, testing, optimizing, testing again until we have customer’s complete satisfaction with the results. This is our way to ensure that our clients’ investment will be paying off the way our clients expect it to.

Today’s wireless networks are not what they were ten or even five years ago.
In a cellular world, advanced technologies promote high data throughput speeds and networks sophistication, but at the same time place significant emphasis on noise and interference. Problems that used to be considered as nuisances in the past – such as PIM – now pose a major threat to network performance if proper considerations are not made.

While by now PIM has become another buzz word of the industry, we worked on creating performance test policies with one of the major Canadian carriers years ago, when very few understood its harmful effect on the performance of LTE networks.

WiFi networks are no longer just about signal strength either. In fact, it may be quite the opposite - high-density WiFi networks may have 10-15 Access Points (AP) on the footprint that just a few years ago may have been covered just by one or two. In such environment, propagation test analysis validated by Continuous Wave (CW) tests (or known as “AP on a stick test” among IT experts) are a must to avoid issues with interference and noise which will ultimately degrade the performance of your WiFi network.

Of course, testing is not only limited to newly constructed networks. Wireless networks world is a highly dynamic environment : capacity requirements change, new sites come on air, new buildings block the signal are just a few reasons that may affect your network.

We have knowledge and expertise, tools and experience to assist you with your wireless networks testing needs. We are you link to reliable wireless solutions.

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