The development of wireless communication has changed the way we work, the way we study, the way we pass our leisure time and, ultimately, the way we live. Personalized communications is no longer viewed as exception, it has become norm. People want to have access to what they want, how they want, when they want and where they want.
Emergence of new mobile and wireless networks technologies, coupled with lightning-fast computers and devices, has made it possible to be connected anytime, anywhere. Previous means of communications with the outside world which consisted of a basic telephone and possibly a desktop PC are now replaced with connected portable/mobile devices, most connected to high-speed wireless networks with processing power to spare. Today’s digital consumer has multiple connected devices and a plethora of content.

As new connectivity habits are evolving, so are expectations of how things can and should be done at home and at work. "Instant access" to digital content - personal or business related - is no longer an option. New way of viewing the "anytime, anywhere" wireless connectivity is lead by millennials and followed by other generations. Add to this personal safety aspect - be it ability for users to report emergency from anywhere or for Personal Safety agencies to communicate during emergencies - and wireless connectivity is justified to be viewed as, if not more important than, utilities conventionally viewed as essential, like electricity, heat, water.

In this increasingly complex communications world, Linkwave Wireless offers innovative and viable solutions via Distributed Networks. From Consulting to Design, dimensioning, testing, optimization, deployment and maintenance - we support the full cycle of wireless technology and beyond. We will not just solve your problems for today by leveraging our experience from tens of years of experience and numerous successful wireless implementations - we will do it with creativity and considerations for tomorrow.
We have the knowledge and experience, we have the right tools and qualifications, we have impeccable record and reputation - we are your link to reliable wireless solutions.


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