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Modern Business Require Fully Tested and Optimized Wireless Network

Modern businesses require fully optimized wireless networks. Advanced technologies have increased data throughput speeds and network sophistication but require careful consideration of noise and interference.

We understand the impact of PIM on network performance and have worked with major carriers to create performance test policies. High-density Wi-Fi networks require propagation test analysis to avoid interference and noise that can degrade network performance.

Our team of experts specializes in conducting thorough wireless network testing and analysis, ensuring that your enterprise environment has seamless and secure network performance. Trust Linkwave Wireless Solutions to optimize your wireless network for top-notch performance.

Full Wireless Network Testing: Your One-Stop Solution

Our comprehensive testing process starts with pre-design network benchmarking and continues until the project is commissioned and beyond. Our field services teams work tirelessly to optimize and test until we achieve complete customer satisfaction with the results.

This unwavering commitment to testing guarantees a return on investment and peace of mind knowing that your wireless network is operating at its full potential. Experience the difference with our obsessive testing approach.

What is Wireless Network Testing?

Wireless network testing is a crucial process that evaluates the configuration and deployment of wireless networks and devices. It aims to ensure that the intended end-users can access the network and associated services while keeping unauthorized users at bay.

During the testing process, wireless signal scanning of access points and configuration reviews of wireless controllers are conducted. These measures ensure that wireless networks are configured correctly and prevent unauthorized access to the network by potentially malicious users.

By conducting wireless network testing, organizations can ensure that their networks are secure, optimized for performance, and able to meet the needs of their users.

Benefits of Wireless Testing

Wireless network testing is a critical process that assures the security of your internal wireless networks, devices, and users.


Verifies that your wireless network cannot be accessed or compromised outside your premises.


Ensures that guest or public hotspot users cannot access non-intended internal networks.


Access points, controllers, and devices are configured during testing to ensure your wireless network is optimally secured.


Wireless testing verifies that only authorized access points are deployed and no rogue access points have been installed.

With verification of access, separation, configuration, and deployment, you can trust that your wireless network is optimally secured. Don’t take chances with your network security. Trust in the expertise of our wireless testing services.

Full Range Wireless Network Testing Solutions

At Linkwave Wireless Solutions, we provide a full range of wireless network testing solutions that cover all essential testing types. Our team of experts ensures that your network is optimized and secured for seamless and reliable performance.

Trust our wireless network testing solutions to take your network to the next level.

When planning Wireless Network testing, it is essential to consider the following testing types:

Signal Coverage Testing

Involves placing a test access point in various locations throughout the coverage area using a signal meter to confirm the required signal strength values in the vicinity of the access point.

Performance Testing

Confirms that the device can interface with the Wi-Fi network and perform with acceptable performance standards, especially for applications like wireless IP phone systems that need to operate without disruption in adverse weather conditions.

CW Testing

Continuous Wave testing involves transmitting a constant radio signal and measuring the strength and quality of the received signal at different locations within the wireless network's coverage area.

Security Vulnerability Testing

Verifies that the network meets all security requirements, and that encryption and authentication functions are set up correctly in accordance with the design specifications.

Simulation Testing

It runs simulations that repeat or create different protocol streams, traffic and usage scenarios to confirm the results quickly before the network activity happens in real-time.

Pilot Testing

Helps understand the connectivity performance in the real-world scenario post-installation, covering the intended coverage area and all access points in the network.

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Testing Types We Perform

Our services offer these types of testing to ensure the performance and reliability of your network.

We perform DAS equipment testing, CW (continuous wave) testing, network integration (neighbour list configurations, data fills), and system-level testing before final integration and commissioning to ensure that we address all problems that could affect network integration well in advance.

Network Benchmarking

This is critical for wireless networks as it helps with DAS design, network analysis, customer experience, competitive analysis, and network troubleshooting. Using the right tools and a unique format, businesses can provide a customized analysis to help customers make the right decisions based on clear and simple data presented on an Executive Summary page.

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Analytical Studies

To us, analyzing data is the art of exploring new possibilities. Data can often be useless or hide important information and trends. We always identify creative methods for having the data tell a story about the network's performance and customer behavior. We also develop trends to help you make the right adjustments and decisions.

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Infrastructure Testing

When testing the installed infrastructure, we know what it takes because we know why it is needed. We had the privilege to help a leading Canadian Wireless Operator develop a new process for testing today’s wireless cellular networks.

Our collaboration resulted in a comprehensive method of procedures that have become a national standard. DAS Test Tool, which has become part of this standard, was developed by our engineers to help automate and better organize testing and evaluation of thorough testing of DAS networks.

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Network Integration

We understand and appreciate the complexity of networks of cellular service providers. For us, the process of integration and commissioning begins long before the day we show up on-site to "turn on the switch".

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Why Choose Linkwave Wireless Testing?

We are always striving to improve and make our customer’s experience better, so we have set ourselves apart from the competition in several ways.

Strategic Method & Systematic Process

Instead of experimenting with just some spots of the new DAS network, we strategically inspect the entire network to ensure capacity, coverage, and performance balance.

In-depth Analysis of System Performance and Technology

We assess and analyze system performance with in-depth knowledge of the underlying technology and industry standards.

Right tools. Right approach. Right results.

Our solutions help you optimize your network, improve reliability, and remain competitive in the ever-changing wireless landscape. We use Ekahau, iBwave, and other market-leading tools, which allow us to deliver precise results and implement optimized wireless networks.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to wireless network testing. Choose Linkwave Wireless Testing and enjoy results that take your wireless network to the next level.

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