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We are here to help, no matter where your wireless problem is coming from. Whether you may be:

  • a venue owner or property manager looking to improve wireless usage experience of your tenants and/or patrons;

  • a contractor assigned with a task of designing and building a wireless Distributed Antenna System;

  • an industry expert looking for help with a portion of a project or a project you don't have time for

  • a residential or small business user who wants to improve wireless coverage at your place of residence or in the office

Linkwave Wireless is uniquely positioned to provide you with full suite of services of a complete life cycle of wireless network - either "a la carte" or full turn-key solutions. We can take care of your project from start to finish or we can help you only where you need us.


Professional site survey services, engineering services, RF systems design, system approvals by wireless operators - we do it all.

We have the knowledge and experience.

We have the right tools and qualifications.

We have impeccable record and reputation.


We are your link to reliable wireless solutions.

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