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In addition to his roles as President and CEO of Linkwave, Alex is involved in and overlooks many aspects of DAS projects: development, design, approvals, installation, commissioning, and optimization. This is how we define commitment to quality at Linkwave.

Before founding Linkwave, Alex was the lead of national in-building systems development at Wind Mobile Canada (currently Freedom Mobile). He was responsible for the design, projects coordination and management, budget planning, equipment and vendor selection, and testing.


Alex has a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree from Ryerson University.

Alex Berezhnoy, B.Eng.


As Vice President at Linkwave, Castor oversees all sales operations within the organization, backed by over fifteen years of experience in the telecommunications industry.​

In addition to in-building cellular systems, Castor has worked in the design and implementation of public safety and private radio systems in the tunnel and mine communications systems. 

He is currently a partner at Linkwave Wireless Solutions, providing services to carriers and private businesses.

Castor Waye, P.Eng.


Robert Lepage | Regional Manager, Western Canada
Luca Masella | 
Regional VP, Eastern Canada & USA
Philip Spatafora | RF Designer, Special Projects
David Kang | RF Designer, Special Projects
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