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PSERN DAS Migration

Puget Sound Emergency Radio Network (PSERN) is a new public safety network being implemented in King County, WA, replacing the legacy KCERCS. User will be onboarded based on a prescribed priority.

King County Fire Chiefs Association, representing the regional Fire Marshals, have sent out this official notice to all DAS properties on record, announcing the upcoming transition to PSERN and actions they will need to take to remain compliant with the fire code.

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) in King County are required to meet both public safety and usage of radio frequency regulations. The PSEN Project is partnering closely with local authorities to ensure that the DAS transition aligns with the Public Safety, Fire Code, and Radio Frequency/FCC requirements.

Governing regulations and statutes can be found at the following links:

Currently, DAS properties should hold a Rebroadcast Agreement with KCERCS and have to go through a defined process to sign a new Rebroadcast Agreement, and attain clearance to connect to PSERN.

Linkwave is available to assist property owners and managers with the transition to PSERN. Fill out and submit the form below to start the process. 

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